The History of Byzantium
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This wonderfully rich and well researched story telling has been a pleasure to listen to recently.
There are a lot of unfamiliar names for people and places but if you let yourself go with the flow …

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Photographs from the USSR in 1985
16/6/13 – 18:36 | No Comment

Russia 1985

I know, another set of photos from the former Soviet Union!

However when they’re this good it’s hard to put them away and these came across the desk here with some delightful smiles.

1985 was, in many ways, a year in which optimisms were raised and the chance of change was everywhere in the air.  The realities of Glasnost and Perestroika were not so apparent at this time with the genie still in the bottle but life for ordinary Russians went on the way it always had and this delightful set of images show a country without any clues to the huge changes only 6 years away.

Фотографии СССР 1985 года из разных городов

Neil Armstrong in the USSR
18/2/13 – 21:00 | No Comment
Neil Armstrong in the USSR

A wonderful collection of photos from an official trip made by Neil Armstrong in 1970 to the USSR.  You don’t get to see images like this very often.  A very nice set of pictures and …

Early Soviet Photography‎: Max Penson
20/7/12 – 09:00 | No Comment
Early Soviet Photography‎: Max Penson

We’re firm fans of old photos here at EL Towers.  Looking at people and places long gone allows us some degree of historical reference to the events and news which we read and hear about …

May they rest in peace….
10/4/10 – 15:34 | No Comment
May they rest in peace….

On 10 April 2010 on the way to commemoration ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre the President of the Republic of Poland Mr Lech Kaczynski, the First Lady Mrs Maria Kaczynska, members …

Russian President says “Nothing can be valued above human life”
30/10/09 – 14:00 | No Comment

Understanding the Russian mind is something that has confused learned men for centuries.

For many who have watched Russian politics and society over the past few years may have been alarmed at the rehabilitation of Soviet leader Stalin by politicians and state run TV and newspapers.

Trotsky: A Biography
11/10/09 – 10:16 | No Comment
Trotsky: A Biography

We’ve been long time fans of Robert Service’s work here at EL and the latest in a trilogy of biographies is about to hit the shelf. Trotsky has been a few years in he making following on from the excellent Lenin and Stalin books, each having a 4 year gap between them.

Strings of Autumn Festival
23/9/09 – 07:00 | No Comment
Strings of Autumn Festival

There are a few good concert festival seasons in Europe. The BBC Proms in London during the summer is one of the best.

The later part of the year, however, belongs to the Strings of Autumn festival in Prague.