The History of Byzantium
1/10/12 – 15:46 | No Comment

This wonderfully rich and well researched story telling has been a pleasure to listen to recently.
There are a lot of unfamiliar names for people and places but if you let yourself go with the flow …

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Goodbye to incandescent light bulbs
2/9/09 – 22:24 | No Comment
Goodbye to incandescent light bulbs

This one has been a long time coming, but as usual there are always some ostriches around with their heads in the sand suddenly surprised by the news.  This time its the EU wide ban on the old fashioned incandescent light bulbs that have lit our homes for a few generations but are hopelessly inefficient, and expensive to keep replacing.

Long Night of Museums
25/8/09 – 06:00 | No Comment
Long Night of Museums

Might want to add this one to your diary if you’re around Berlin on the 29th August.
The Long Night of the Museums is a popular annual event where they all open their doors at night …

Interior Design and Furniture in the USSR
24/8/09 – 09:11 | No Comment
Interior Design and Furniture in the USSR

This came across the radar here at EL recently. It’s a warming nice little collection of furniture and design for the home during the old soviet times.

Portuguese Caldo Verde Soup
14/8/09 – 09:28 | No Comment
Portuguese Caldo Verde Soup

There’s nothing quite like a good soup. In the summer it’s a great quick food, in the winter the comfort quality cannot be written down.

20/6/09 – 21:01 | No Comment

As far as we can remember there was only one principal French character in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan, however that isn’t stopping the Musée du quai Branly from hosting a new exhibition in Paris.

Zappa replica heads to the USA
12/6/09 – 13:30 | No Comment
Zappa replica heads to the USA

In an odd quirk of history, the only place a statue existed to the musician Frank Zappa was not in his home town of Baltimore, USA, but in Vilnius, Lithuania; a place never visited by the man or in any way connected to the town.