The History of Byzantium
1/10/12 – 15:46 | No Comment

This wonderfully rich and well researched story telling has been a pleasure to listen to recently.
There are a lot of unfamiliar names for people and places but if you let yourself go with the flow …

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Strings of Autumn Festival
23/9/09 – 07:00 | No Comment
Strings of Autumn Festival

There are a few good concert festival seasons in Europe. The BBC Proms in London during the summer is one of the best.

The later part of the year, however, belongs to the Strings of Autumn festival in Prague.

Adidas and Puma end 60-year family feud with football match
21/9/09 – 22:46 | No Comment
Adidas and Puma end 60-year family feud with football match

It would seem the rivalry between the German sportswear providers Adidas an Puma was brought onto the football field today in a friendly match to heal the wounds of an historical rift between the two firms founded as a single family business and then split between two rival brothers.

European Train Travel
20/9/09 – 13:24 | No Comment
European Train Travel

There’s not much to love about the mystique of train travel across unknown lands, soaking in the atmosphere, enjoying conversation with new people and sharing a meal while watching the countryside zip by.

New cameras from Leica!
9/9/09 – 22:37 | No Comment
New cameras from Leica!

Leica isn’t a firm which releases new models often. It’s usually content to sit on the fringe of the camera owning crowds with a dedicated and fearlessly loyal bunch of users and with much …

Eugène Atget – Paris
6/9/09 – 19:29 | No Comment
Eugène Atget – Paris

Eugène’s photography collection of Paris is an absolute gem. This title came to us only today, although to be fair it’s been out a little while. Thank the stars for second hand book …

Off The Wall
5/9/09 – 20:19 | No Comment
Off The Wall

As soon as you post one DDR story, more seem to pop out of the woodwork.