The History of Byzantium
1/10/12 – 15:46 | No Comment

This wonderfully rich and well researched story telling has been a pleasure to listen to recently.
There are a lot of unfamiliar names for people and places but if you let yourself go with the flow …

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Google wins use of the .no domain from local firm
15/7/04 – 12:00 | No Comment

15th July 2004 – American Internet search engine company Google has won the rights to the Norwegian domain “” from a local company, SMSFUN AS, which was using it to sell sunglasses.
An earlier court …

Exhibition “Preussisch Grün”
14/7/04 – 12:00 | No Comment
Exhibition “Preussisch Grün”

With the patronage of the German Minister of State for Culture, Christina Weiss, the Foundation of Prussian Palaces and Gardens is showing it’s biggest exhibition this year at Schloss Glienicke from the 18th of July …

French ministry dumps Windows for Linux
10/7/04 – 12:00 | No Comment

10th July 2004 – In another European win for Linux against Microsoft Corp., a French ministry is replacing 1,500 Windows NT computers with Linux systems, the supplier of the open-source operating system said Friday.
The …

BMG to lower cost of music CD’s to help increase sales
5/7/04 – 12:00 | No Comment
BMG to lower cost of music CD’s to help increase sales

From August, some popular music CDs will become less expensive. A new sales strategy from Bertelsmann will be to sell CD’s in different versions for different prices to help offset the increasing piracy and …

Relaxed offerings from Armani for summer 2005
5/7/04 – 12:00 | No Comment
Relaxed offerings from Armani for summer 2005

In Milan the five day preview show for summer 2005, from Giorgio Armani closed with an casual arty collection with a relaxed feel.

One Plus One Is One
30/6/04 – 12:00 | No Comment
One Plus One Is One

Damon Gough, also known as Badly Drawn Boy, is England’s lovable wolly hat singer and a prolific song writer. His previous albums have sold very well and now his latest collection is available