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European Train Travel

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european sleeping trainThere’s not much to love about the mystique of train travel across unknown lands, soaking in the atmosphere, enjoying conversation with new people and sharing a meal while watching the countryside zip by.

Of course if you’re a commuter and use the train each day to get to work standing in crowded carriages between the fool with tinny music escaping from cheap iPod headphones and the inconsiderate twit sharing her mobile phone conversation with the rest of the people, this romantic vision of rail travel may be a million miles from the reality around them.

However rail travel can be fun. It’s what keeps young European students eager to explore new lands slowly buying cross-Europe tickets generation after generation.

The guys over at Elite Travel Portal have written a lovely piece to sum up the wonders of relaxing train travel.

Why not pop over and take a look and remember to send us a postcard when you’re in your next destination!

Elite Travel Portal

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