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Google wins use of the .no domain from local firm

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15th July 2004 – American Internet search engine company Google has won the rights to the Norwegian domain “google.no” from a local company, SMSFUN AS, which was using it to sell sunglasses.

An earlier court ruling in the firm’s favour was overturned on an appeal by Google

One of the world’s most popular search engines won the rights Thursday to the Norwegian domain “google.no.” It’s been held by a company using it to sell sunglasses, and who won an earlier court round but has now lost on appeal.

Google had previously been awarded a patent on it’s brand name within Norway a few years ago and was not happy that potential users of it’s service were being lost to a misleading use of it’s name.

SMS FUN were given 2 weeks by the courts to hand over use of the domain name to Google.


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