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Eugène Atget – Paris

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Eugène’s photography collection of Paris is an absolute gem. This title came to us only today, although to be fair it’s been out a little while. Thank the stars for second hand book shops!

Paris is one of the few European cities which suffered little in the carnage of the 20th century’s wars, and therefore has retained much of the same charm which has attracted people to it for the last couple of centuries.

This wonderful book shows Paris in photos and draws you into each image allowing you to pause and study it, not simply flip through each one. Be part of the picture and look at what Paris was once upon a time.

Tachen’s website still has some lovely info on the book, however Amazon has stock so why not pop over and pick up a copy while they are still there.

Paris (Taschen 25th Anniversary Edition) from Amazon

Recommended! [xrr rating=3.5/5]

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