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Acropolis Museum

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800px-Acropolis-museum-detailThe new Acropolis Museum opened in sunny Athens on Saturday 20th June.

The spectacular new building over 25,000 square metres houses some of the best artifacts from ancient Athens and Greek history.

An astonishing collection of items and should be high on the list of many Parthanon tourist.

Much has been said about the missing items scattered around other musuems worldwide including the famous freeze commonly called the ‘Elgin Marbles’ which were taken from the site in the 19th century and presently is on display at the British Museum in London, however the remaining items do not distract from that is not there.

Europe has a idiological love affair with ancient Greece which since the 18th century has been seen as the genesis of European political and cultural thinking. It’s part of the conciousness of European historical thinking now and hard to observe as only a regional history.

Very much worth a visit so get yourself down to Athens and have a look.

The Acropolis Museum

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