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New clues prove Russia’s ancient heritage

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logo-2025Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan, a republic in Russia, should mark its 5,000th rather than the approaching 430th anniversary of its foundation, says Vladimir Putenikhin, a writer and traveler from Ufa.

Regions.ru reports that Vladimir Putenikhin’s background is in biology, but at heart he is a researcher. Four years ago he made an exciting discovery that Ufa has a 5,000-year history, definitely longer as compared to the traditionally believed 430 years. Besides, the researcher has identified the etymology of the city’s name.

According to the researcher, the capital of Bashkortostan is even older than Sumer civilization and Mesopotamia. The settlement site Turatau that archaeologists discovered in Ufa appears to back up the hypothesis. Now the place is a residential area named Green Grove. Mr. Putenikhin is convinced that the word Turatau stems from “Mount Ura”. The Slavic “P” in the name of the Ufa fortress in the ancient records was mistakenly read as the Russian “T” (“F”) resulting in “Ufa”. The city’s ancient name means “emerged from the sun”.


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