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Tippaleivät (May Day Cookies)

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180px-recip24Okay, there’s a few days left before May Day we admit, but why not kick off our recipe collection with something tasty and sweet from one of our northern countries, Finland? Perhaps this will give you a few days to get them ready and share on the holiday?


You will need:

2 eggs
2 teaspoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
200ml of milk
400g of flour
½ teaspoon of vanilia essence
Some vegetable oil to fry them

Right. Clear the work surface, down to the work:

Start by mixing the eggs together with the sugar, but don’t beat the mixture! Add the other ingredients into the same bowl and stir it all into a smooth batter.

Right, now put the batter mixture into a one of those groovy pastry bags with the nozzle on the end. A paper cone will do, if you don’t have one.

Now squeeze the bag over the hot oil in a spiral motion creating little birds nest like shapes. If you have a metal cookie ring, you can pop that into the oil and use that to shape them. Please be careful. May Day isn’t as much fun when your fingers are red from splashing oil!

When the oil has cooked them into a tasty golden brown colour, remove and drain it on some paper towels and allow to cool down. Patience is required no matter how tasty they smell!

Spinkle some sugar over them. Caster sugar or it’s alternative works nicely!

Right. Make loads, enjoy and let us know how you got on!

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