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DDR Museum

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rubrik1aNow we all know how much fun Berlin is and how there are surprises everywhere but this one threw me. How could I have missed it in the past? No more.

A few years back Ostalgia was all the rage. Goodbye Lenin was winning awards, trendy cafes and resturants provided all the kitch excitement you could want and there are always plenty of old ‘ostie’ items to buy. Most of the wall has now gone and although noone would want the old communist state back, people always dream back to what they consider a simplier and better time. Of course what people have is a fondness for the items of youth.

The DDR museum is a short walk from the TV tower and near the Berlin Cathedral. Hands on, fun and no loss of humour. There’s even a Trabant to add to the wonder of what is indeed a lost society. The DDR wasn’t around long, but it was long enough for a couple of generations to experience and long enough to produce some products which were distinctly East German.

With so many things to see and do in Berlin it’s hard to do everything but if you’re in the city soon, then pencil this one down on your list and don’t forget your Pioneer’s red scarf!

DDR Museum

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