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Linz Europa Hafenfest

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linz09_hvg_europa468433The Journey as Concert

He who returns from a long journey has much to tell. He brings impressions and gifts with him. The Festival of Turning Points.

The LINZ EUROPA HARBORFEST set for July 3-5, 2009 is the culminating highlight of the LINZ EUROPA TOUR 2007 – 2009 starring Hubert von Goisern. As Linz09’s goodwill ambassador, he sailed his waterborne stage up and down Central Europe’s great river road. Now, he’ll be joined in Linz by his musical traveling companions and some of the local acts featured at concerts along the way. So all those who weren’t able to make it to the Black Sea or Amsterdam have the opportunity to experience these incredible musical encounters in Linz—not on board ship, but still with Hubert von Goisern on stage.

“The LINZ EUROPA HARBORFEST is going to be a one-of-a-kind festival of encounters both for the audience as well as for the participating musicians. I know all the people who accompanied me on the LINZ EUROPA TOUR 2007 – 2009, but many of them never had any direct contact with one another. I hope everyone has a good feeling about the program. I’m really looking forward to this musical get-together!”
Hubert von Goisern

In early July 2009, Linz Harbor will be the site of the grand finale of an extended journey. Hubert von Goisern and his band and many of the artists who joined them on board the concert ship will be reunited on a land-bound stage in Linz to celebrate a Europe that has been brought a bit closer together. A three-day concert featuring artists from East and West will revive the manifold energies and synergies that emerged during both legs of the tour. There’ll be blaring Hard Rock, effervescent Pop and even a bit of yodeling from the remotest regions of the Alps. In short: a climactic sensation! Plus: the artists will be convening in and around Linz even before the big weekend to get geared up musically and emotionally for a concert series that will conclude this multi-year tour in high style.

The lineup promises a high-energy concert event. Performers include Wolfgang Niedecken & BAP, Claudia Koreck, Haindling, Haydamaky, Karandila, Klaus Doldinger’s Passport, Köster/Hocker & Band, Loredana Groza, Philipp Poisel & Band, Rambo Amadeus, Stelzhamma, Willi Resetarits & Stubnblues andZdob si Zdub.

“The Harborfest is stacking up as a sort of European summit meeting of pop music. Here, East and West are convening both on-stage and throughout the festival grounds. Concertgoers are in for a one-of-a-kind European musical extravaganza and an experience that will touch their hearts and minds as well.”
Martin Heller, Artistic Director of Linz09
WHEN // 3 – 5 July 09
WHERE // Port of Linz
Musicians from East and West
Band //
David Lackner (piano, keyboards), Maria Moling
(vocals, percussion), Alex Pohn (drums), Helmut
Schartlmüller (bass), Elisabeth Schuen (vocals,
violin), Marlene Schuen (vocals, violin), Severin
Trogbacher (guitar), Darinka Tsekova (gadulka)
Concert information is available online at:


Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture

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