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Yuskenko sworn in as president of Ukraine

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yuchenkoAfter three rounds of voting, including one re-run, mass protests, accusations and reports of corruption and election fraud from international observers, legal challenges, changes to the electoral system, threats of separatism, accusations of Russian manipulation, and probable Dioxin poisoning, Ukraine today swore in it’s third post Soviet president, Viktor Yushchenko today in Parliament climaxing many weeks of extraordinary behaviour and activity.

Watching the ceremony in Kiev, were heads of states from 8 other countries, including Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia and Latvia.

Yushchenko took the oath of office with his hand on a copy of the constitution and an ancient Bible. During the ceremony he told gathered deputies and guests, “..The people achieved honest elections, the transfer of power was legitimate.”

yanukovichLater we went to address the gathered crowds in Independence Square where previously many thousands had gathered to protest electoral fraud in favour of Yushchenko’s opponent, Viktor Yanukovich.

He told the crowd, that he aims to secure Ukraine a genuine fully-fledged place in a united Europe. “Our place is in the European Union”, he said, “We are no longer on the edge of Europe. We are situated in the centre of Europe!”

He urged the divisions between the western nationalist regions and the Russian-speaking eastern parts to end.

He has promised to fight corruption in the economy and public life and to make the economy transparent and clear. He has also promised a free and independent media and courts.

“We have everything we need to succeed” He continued “The riches of our land are countless, the talents of our compatriots are respected all over the world…we are opening a new page in Ukrainian history and it will be as beautiful page”.

Yushchenko has promised to visit Moscow as his first foreign state visit to speak with President Putin and discuss relations.

Official website of the President of Ukraine

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