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One Plus One Is One

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b0001kbsuk02lzzzzzzzDamon Gough, also known as Badly Drawn Boy, is England’s lovable wolly hat singer and a prolific song writer. His previous albums have sold very well and now his latest collection is available

This new album, recorded in Manchester, returns the sound back to that found on The Hour of the Bewilderbeast which won him the Mercury Music Prize but opinions are equally split on whether this is hist finest piece of work so far, or an artist on the way down. There is no easy answer to this. BDB fans will clearly love it and the way the songs seem to blend into one leads to a very easy to listen album but there seems to be something slightly missing in the strength of the collection.

Nothing stands out as a killer track but that shouldn’t disuade people from trying it. This is a album you can listen to time and again and no doubt iPods and car stereos will be pumping out Gough’s work over the next few weeks, especially after an appearance at the Glastonbury music festival, one of Europe’s largest in the west of England.

Badly Drawn Boy

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