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Rules for submitting of articles for publishing on the site

european-lifestyle.net welcomes submission of articles for publication on our site from anyone. We do however have some rules and conditions, which we would ask you to follow,

  1. All articles must be an original piece of work and not copied in part or in whole from another site unless proof of ownership can be shown and/or the site where the article was originally published has provided permission to you and to us.
  2. Stories and articles must be relevant to the mission of our site, which is about and for Europe and Europeans, and events, stories and news associated with this.
  3. Articles must not contain any language considered offensive to others. While appreciating free speech is a wonderful thing, one must also consider sensitivities to other religions, nationalities and races. Those considered to break these simple rules will not be published.
  4. Articles should be in the English language.
  5. Article submissions should be provided with a valid email address so that we may contact you to discuss them.

This site will not claim any copyright and ownership on articles. We do however reserve the right to add any photos or other images to the stories before displaying on the site. Any submissions will be accompanied by a statement indicating who wrote it, when and where the author lives.

Please submit any articles you wish to see on our site to editor@european-lifestyle.net

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