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For the many years this site has been in development on and off, it could not have existed without the help of some very good people.

Most thanks go to my good German friend, Christoph in whom I found someone who shared the vision, assisted in the creation of some beautiful graphics for the original version, and helped me when the coding got difficult with advice and suggestions. This site would not be what it is without him.

Thank you to Dan Tallis – a programmer whom I used to work with, whose patience and knowledge helped me over some of the more difficult elements of programming and without whom this site would have taken a lot longer to build.

Thank you to Rick Ellis and the team at pMachine.com, especially Paul Burdick, for their wonderful content management system and their help when things got tricky with the original version of the site. Also big thanks go to all those on the support forums who provided advice and assistance. Although no longer used for this site, I couldn’t have got as far as I did without them.

With thanks also to Apple Computer who provided the computers to help me realise the dream.

Thank you to Pravda.ru who allowed me to use their stories on this site. Very much appreciated.

And finally, thanks also to all those who didn’t quite get the idea but gave moral support as it was built.

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